UFO Sighting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on 1965-09-30 00:00:00 – Sitting on housetops listening to a scanner. happened to look up and it was moving toward me at treetop level about 5 miles an hour.

My oldest brother had brought a scanner home from work and i was listening to it and he said, why don’t you go up on the roof of our house and you will get better reception. i went outside and climbed up the ladder and got on the rooftop . as i set there listening i looked up slightly and saw something coming toward me a little to the left of me in the sky. it kept moving toward me and i saw the round shape and dome of it and it had pulsating lights of different colors around the bottom. i thought, what in the world and then i realized what i was seeing. it came to a complete stop and just set there above the houses. i actually pinched my self and thought this is real. at the same time i heard voices of a man on the ground talking to someone in a plane on the scanner. the person on the ground asked the person in the plane if he had seen anything strange up there and the guy in the plane said, i sure have and it just passed right in front of me and i’m landing this plane now. the ufo then started moving straight back in the direction it came from. what shocked me also about it was that a sound never came from it. i was very shook up and climbed back off of the rooftop and went in the house. i didn’t tell my family until the last few years because i didn’t think they would believe me. i don’t know why but i looked in the paper the next day and there was a small article that said that the sheriffs dept. had received about 500 phone calls reporting a ufo being seen. i didn’t call because i didn’t figure they would believe me and also thought, what can they do about it.

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