UFO Sighting in Burnaby, British Columbia on 2017-02-13 21:10:00 – Seen a bright light in the sky. got my binoculars. see the ufo with all its coulours and lights. cool design on it. tons of lights for windows(seen that kind of thing in pictures before but this had way more. i showed my 2 kids. no pic cause no camera :(

I and my 2 children seen a ufo this evening. its feb.13,2017. the time was 9:10 p.M i noticed a very bright light in the sky. at first i thought it was a star. then i thought maybe a planet. i never noticed that light there before. so i grabbed the binoculars and could not believe what i was seeing! it was bright. it had colours. it has designs. first it was just hovering and still. after a bit, it start rotating over and over. i seen what looked to be windows;tons of them. way more than what i seen in pictures. i showed both my kids what i was seeing so they could witness what i was seeing. i don’t have a camera so i didn’t take a pic. even if i had taken a pic though, i bet it just would have looked like a bright light cause seeing what we seen through the binoculars was so different from what we seen with our bare eyes. eventually the ufo began to descend down. below the ufo was the university. this university sits on burnaby mountain.The ufo appeared to land to the right of the red light that is on that mountain located there. that was the end of that. the whole episode lasted for approximately 20 minutes. it was awesome. my adrenaline lasted all night!

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