UFO Sighting in Circleville, Ohio on 2017-02-13 00:00:00 – Aircrafts surround ufo then shoots small objects at ufo

My mother and i were driving home from columbus going south one night at 9 pm. in circleville, i notice a strange light appearing to hover in the distance. it is too big and bright to be a star, yet nothing like a plane. my initial thoughts are, “oh my god i’ve seen this in videos online. it’s a ufo. i take note of it and continue to keep an eye on it for over 30 mimutes before i notice some strange activity. first, another light from across the sky flies to the original light and they seem to interact by fidgeting. immediately after, flashing lights of airplanes appear from all over the sky and surround the two odd lights. on the ground below the flying objects, something lights up the sky in a flashing manner, like lightning lights up the sky, except-the sky was clear as could be with no signs of thunderstorms. it appears to be warfare between the aircrafts and the orb lights. quick sudden smaller lights fly across the “battlefield.” one aircraft let’s fire of some sort on the orbs. again, the orbs appear very aggressive. my face was boiling hot and my heart was racing as i observe the unbelievable events. i witness this all out of my passenger window as my mom is driving the car. she is talking to me but i ignore her because i could not take my focus off of this abnormal occurrence as it happened so quickly. this could only have been witnessed if you happened to be looking at the incident. the orbs quickly go out of sight, either due to driving the car too far from the area, or fading of the orbs. the sky is clear but of the moon and the stars.
we soon arrive in chillicothe and grab something to eat. we hit the roadagain again. just when i thought it was over, we spot the same type of orb in front of the car. this time my mother can see it as well and notices its odd qualities. it is about the same height in the air as the one before. it hovers for a short time, then slowly takes a path heading north. again, i see commercial airplanes coming after the orb. my mother makes me jump shouting, “woah! did you see that? that ting just shout out super bright lights at once.” as the orb comes closer flying vertically over our vehicle, the big ball of light dims and i am able to make out a boomerang-shaped object that emitted the large and bright unwavering light. along with the unidentified flying object, the airplanes and light shows vanish behind us. my mother and o made it home and we are still trying to figure out the cause.

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