UFO Sighting in Pocatello, Idaho on 2017-02-14 00:00:00 – 1 light turned into 3 then ejected orbs and some coming back to the object

On feb 14 11pm in pocatello idaho me and my girlfriend witnessed a ufo in the distance. at heading slowly east to south west over a mountain. very high in the sky that’s when i started filming it the ufo it hovered then turned into 3 ufos then eject smaller orbs that some came out of the ufo and some came back to the ufo! the ufo hovered for an hour or 2. i have waited along time to see one and so excited my hair was standing up on end. i was so over joyed and theres no dounght it’s a ufo for sure! very very weird! you can see in video. sorry the video isn’t closer very high in the night in the sky.

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