Black Triangle Sighting in Pennsylvania on 2017-02-14 20:30:00 – Triangular ufo w/alternating bright white lights and red light. flew directly over my car, abruptly changed direction & disappeared.

Around 8:30pm on 2/14/17, as i drove away from my home, my attention was drawn to a triangular object in the sky quickly flying toward me. it was low and had a couple of alternating brightly flashing white lights with a red light. there were several other smaller flashing white lights that outlined the rectangular shape. as i continued to drive up the street, it shifted direction toward me. i was drawn to watch it, so i stopped in the middle of the road. it descended and flew directly over my car. when i looked up through my sunroof, i could see it had a metallic like appearance (but it wasn’t smooth) and an irregular light pattern. it quickly started a slight ascension, made a quick 90-degree direction change and simply disappeared.
the entire event was only a couple of minutes in duration. it happened so quickly, it was difficult to take pics.

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