UFO Sighting in Crescent City, California on 1970-01-01 22:02:00 – Two golden ships decended into a rosinbridge ceromonial sight

We seen the craft desend in to a rosinbridge worm hole the crafts dupliucated the ezeikale sighting in the bible and connects to a ceremonial native american religious ceromonys that’s ben practiced since moses was raining on earth the rosinbridge worm hole is a passage the native americans ben using for spiritual and physical ceromonys for healing and ending their loved ones off to jehova the creator for thousands of years and people that see theses things have visions and time warp moments years after the sightings and dayjavu and other strange fanonamas like outer body travel and time bending moments of warps of diffreces in the space of non sighters are different we are subjected to moving in time warps and other weird feelings

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