UFO Sighting in Olten, Solothurn on 2010-10-31 00:00:00 – Object was really slowly hovering over the houses with two bright lights.

I was celebrating helloween with my friend, as we walked down one of the accommodation’s street around 10p.M. suddenly two bright and big cones of light appeared. the light was warm and i saw that there were big headlights on the object. i wasn’t scared, and just watched this thing hovering by very slowly. it hovered on a straight line, from east to northeast. it was dark and i just saw those big cones of the headlights over the houses. i guess, the object had an altitude of at least 200 meters. but i guess not over 1 kilometer. i can’t remember any sounds coming from the object. i lost the sight when the object left behind a huge tree. after the tree the object did not appear again.
i actually don’t know if my friend saw this thing too. i guess he did, but i can’t remember it.

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