UFO Sighting in Vallejo, California on 2017-02-14 01:45:00 – Yi home camera 2 recorded a possible meteor or ufo. the star-like object divided into 3 tear-drop shaped. brightness intensified. faded and merged into one orb or turned while descending at a constant velocity. vanished into the atmosphere or dark cloud.

Sleeping when the camera recorded the celestial event. checked the recordings from the camera at around 9am and noticed there were two motion detected events that had a bright light in the dark sky. the first event at the lower left of the video at 1:38am a light made a trailing comet-like appearance changing direction through the tree line. the video is not included here. it does not appear to be the lights of an aircraft. at 1:45am the meteor or ufo appeared at the extreme top of the video screen (north) and divided into three exact replicas of each other at 1.5 seconds. the light from the object had a converging trailing light. it appears the three objects turned north east and faded out. the three objects were in unison in velocity and equidistant from each other. the objects descended for approximately 3.5 seconds and merged into one or turned overlapping one another fading out into what may be a dark cloud or out of range from the video recording pixelation. within 5 seconds later a twinkle of light appeared at a much lower distance in the video (the twinkle may be the particles of the object or a star appearing from the movement of clouds in the night sky.

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