UFO Sighting in Freeport, Illinois on 1988-10-31 00:00:00 – Uniform cascade from a central point, balls of light that left awake of light as they desended to the ground in a fan pattern the wakes crossed over without combining as if one was behind the other

it was halloween night about 1988, the night was dark, no moon or stars, the air was still. i had driven around the corner to my grandparents house about 8 pm with my 5 year old son in the back set, as i turned in the driveway i just happened to look to my right, at about 500 yards away maybe 300 feet above the ground i seen a flash of white light going up, it was like standing in a dark hallway and a door of a lighted room had opened and shut. immediately after that from the same point was a uniform cascade of balls of light that fanned out as they went to the ground, and about 10 feet from the ground everything disappeared . the second light was different than the first, it had substance, as the balls went down they left a wake of light behind them like boats in the water, the wakes crossed over, it was like one behind the other because they didn’t get messed up, they stayed uniform. i know exactly where it occurred, there is a patch of grass in the field where the soil is to shallow to till, close to the ground it lit up the patch. 30-31 days later just before sunrise going east with clear skies i was driving, and as i slowed down for a stop sign, i looked to my left and it was 18 inches from me, coming from behind horizontally but on a small scale/ size. i didn’t see the initial flash of light this time, it was literally like a flash bulb, but the balls and pattern was the same. my eyes were like a flash bulb had went off in my face. when i stopped, i got out to look at the vehicle, didn’t see anything on it and i had just crested a hill and nothing but open fields behind. both times it seemed like it was there because i looked. you never see a picture of an auto collision as it occurs, this seemed like it did. my first though was lightning, but then i realized lightning doesn’t do that.

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