UFO Sighting in Oakland, California on 2014-06-11 00:00:00 – Have had several instances an serveral abductions

The first time i was walking into house and felt like somoene was in side my house so i ran in very fast with bags of stuff i got from store sat them down on dining room table that looked into my kitchen and i saw one tall grey looking being and one short being then one pointed at me and a flash of bright light hit me , i then felt like i something was blocking my thoughts i, it happend one more time, the third time i walked in from grocery shopping with husband and we both looked at each other as we walked into dining room both with shocked and scared looks on our face we both looked into kitchen and again saw the two beings and then again a flash of bright light an then this time i saw them vanashing , weeks later i kept feeling someone standing over me while in bed i would wake terrified shaking and scream yelling to my husband who woke up in shock they are trying to take me away again, i flet like i had bin taken before by them,ans i felt as if they were doing something to me i felt like it was more than one , then one day a few weeks later i was in my yard feeding my ducks its was cloudy out yet warm in a fenced all around and top with chicken wire in my coop pen i made for my ducks i was on a long distance call with a friend from chicago, when a loud rumblin noise came from above i could feel wind pushing down on me from what ever it was i then started yelling to my friend on the phone that i could not move , he asked what the loud noise was i said i twas a space ship altoug i could not look up i could tell it was i told him it was pullin up i could feel the wire of the fence hitting me on the head he then got quite as if he beleave me, my husband was in the garage working on out car at the time and then he came running out of the garage i was faceing in his direction and he began pointing upwards yelling oh my god its a space ship a space ship get out of there hurry its right over you , my friend on phone began yelling the same thing i yelled at my husband i could not move still with phone in hand it got statickyhe could here my husband yelling also, then i felt my self being pulled upward off the ground my husband started yelling and screaming no no and began running towards me, i felt like the chicken coop wire was preventing them from them from pulling me up any further when my husband got closer to me i felt a release and then i felt my feet hit the ground , they lifted me up about a foot or so off the ground, when i looked up i saw a grey metalic dull looking round object jetting upwards it left a cut out impressioon in the clouds like a cookie cutter does to dough, yet left cloud streams swoshing upward like a draft of wind was pulling them up. we both started to run into the house my cell phone droped the call then we both heard a rumbling again and looked up and saw black helicopters flying over house we ran ino the house, the same night strange white vans unmarked where parked out front of our house with strange domes on top of them and what looked like statelights on top of them, stange un marked black long cars where also parked out front all with very dark tinted windows.
a few weeks later our security cameras started acting strange they would get staticky one by one and shadows would be passing in front of them but when we looked out side saw nothing but can see it on the camaras , and out tv and lights would blink on and off, i kept feeling like somoen was in my bed room at night , and in the mornings when i woke i would feel like i was taken somewhere and would have faint memorys of things being done to me and being standing over me, one night i woke up screaming , and my husband also at the same time then we both saw our curtains fly open and a shodow of something flying out of the window ,then a lound sound like it hit something on its way out and a loud crash on the ground we both got up and looked out the window and saw our window was closed but our gutter had bin torn off like something had hung on it and torn it down, that same night my husband said i was bleeding from my nose and that it looke like someone had just bashed my nose in that it looked very swollen, i felt it and it was and felt like something ws inside it , i had truoble breathing i stuck my finger with my longest nail in my nose and i felt something metalic i then began to blow my nose and i felt this thing slide down it but was lodged in it so i took some tweaser and pulled at it till it came out , it was a veyr small round grey thing about the size of a watch battery and about as thick with marking all over it my nose bled a little but then it stop i felt like it was deep in my skull i fetl a hollowness of like a trail that was left behind after i pulled it out there where small wires attached to it, i then ran to my computer and looked up micro chips implants and sure enough there wasa picture of the exat same thing i pulled out of my nose i took it and put it in a pill bottle to show my doctor on my next visit to her, which was two weeks away, a few day later we came home from somewhere and we both again stop dead in out tracks as we got to the door we both said , my husband and i that “omg shit they back, so we unlocked our doors and grab each other hands and both ran into the house this time running straight into the kitchen where each time we saw the beings and sure enough they where both there again the greys but this time one looked like white almost glowing still tall and slender and the small grey one and again the flash of light and they disapeared i walked around the kitchen trying to feel for them sayig not to be afraid that we knew they where viisiting us and then we both heard a voice saying that they would return again, then at that moment i felt like something was missing from our home , we looked around and saw everyhitn normal but disturbed moved like someoen or somehting had bin looking for something out =r home alram system had bin diactivated that day which alarmed us both and then when i looked for the pill bottle with thing i beleave to be a micro chip was gone bottle and all, i e the beings or some secret govenrment agancey took it.We both just became very quite and didnt speak to each other, days later my husband became very distance and different he is not like he was before and we have become almost astranged to each other he said he hears things and voices, then three weeks ago i woke up to find the two beings over me while i was in bed i tryed to wake my husband but no matter what i tryed he would not wake, i heard a voice in my head tell me that he would not that they had control over him and then they told me to relax but only thur my mind i could no longer speak or yell but i could feel that i could communictae with them, then i blank out i woke up feeling like that had stuck thing inside me , i then got up and went to the bath room and then my husband woke up and said to me i feel strange , i asked him if he felt violated he said yes like if someone stuck something in my behind i said so do i and i then tryed to go to bath room but could i had to push and push then sudenly i felt and heard a loud pop and my husband said what the hell was that i yelled an screamed it hurts something came out of me , and this strange green almost like grasssy yet very slymy texture came out of me and a large clump was in the toilet i bled a little i then cleaned off and then my husband said ok i think they did the same to me he then sat down and the same loud pop and the same stuff came out of him we both looked at each other and we both said at same time , i think we ve bin abducted again, but why are they doing this to us, i told my doctor and they acted very strange told me to speak to someone about my traumatic expierence , a few weeks later all my doctors left there practiced and moved away, and new doctors who i feel know of what is going on and i feel like they are working with the govenment, i and my husband both feel like we where implanted with micro cips when we both ar seperate times went in for surgerys that had to put us under anestitia, we both woke to find small holes drilled in the back of our heads , we would both hear static and hear strange almost like radio sounds and voices but after i blew out the microp chip our of my nose that time i havent heard it but my husband said he still hears them, ..Just last week feb 3 2017 i felt them again in my bedroom and thi time i feel they put something back in my head , i dont feel the same,even my dogs act straneg around me with fear, my husband now seams distant from me and acts like nothing has happend as if hes brain or memeroys have bin erased but at times he said he feels someting strange is going on and trys to talk about it but saids that something keeps him from talking about things like that, i feel that the govenment has someting to do with this and i feel that i will be killed or taken away by iether these beings or the govenment or both, i know our home is tapped and phones and devices, strange things keep happeneing to us , my husband is being kept from getting a job we both feel like somoene if doing things to us to prevent us from telling or doing anything, i know my medical providers know of this , and they are monitoring us also. im afraid for my life. please help me , help us. i know im not crazy especially since now my husband has expierenced this also.I feel my dotors are aware of what is going on and are colabrarateing witht he government or fbi or someone along those lines.I also beleave that when you get this i will be dead or taken away and no one will veer hear from me and find me. i now they have brain washed my husband , they have doe something to him, he now has curvature of the skull and so manything health issues, .I fear for his life aswell. please help me help us help me help my husband at least, im so afraid . i cant sleep eat think right anymore i feel my tought are being manipulated , and sometime im catch my self doing things i dont want to do and feel forced.

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