UFO Sighting in London, England on 2017-02-13 02:30:00 – Finished work late, i was having a smoke, in the garden and was glued to this large glowing object beheaving erratically.

I had just finished work, went to have a smoke in the back yard and was immediately distracted by a large glowing orange star shaped object. it had my undivided attention as living not far from heathrow airport and working on the doorstep of the airport, i immediately knew this was not something that i had ever seen and instinctively knew this was not from this ‘earth’. i started recording on my i-phone immediately, and just watched in amazement at its strange behaviour. although it moved erratically and made very sharp movements there was almost method to its movement. a silver(whitish) beam kept emanating from it every minute or so. i was glued to it for a few minutes but i then went inside to wake up my brother , but as i was watching it from the back room , it quickly descended, behind the parks where the church tower seemed to be and then vanished from plain sight. however i was now inside , but as it descended there was some sort of noise ,perhaps some sort of ‘mechanical vibration’. i have shown my family the video , and a few friends , everyone is as baffled as i am. i will upload the video and perhaps with your expertise some sort of explanation can be reached. the exact time will be on my i-phone.

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