Black Triangle Sighting in Londonderry, New Hampshire on 2017-02-19 03:45:00 – Black triiangle object moved over my house very slowly. to slow to be normal plain also much quiter then a plain.

Went out for a cigarette at a 3 45 am on 2 19 2017 .When i saw 4 bright lights coming over trees in distance thought it was a plain.Then i realized it was going way to slow to be a plain went in and wokeup wife to come wittness. it was very low around 500 ft.When i relized how close it was and that i could not here any props or engine my heart was pounding enough for my wife to notice i was worried. did not here any noise till it was right over head. thats when i heard what sounded like a very quite air wooshing sound. thats when i could see it had no protruding wings just a black triangle shape. it was going east to west. i lived here my whole life we are about 2 miles from airport. this passed over air port to low and would have passed over run way the wrong way. ive never seen a plain use this flight path. this was moving way to slow to be a plain.It looked like a stealth bomber but way to slow and quiet. it had four white light 2 next to each other on the front point then one on each following point (wings). no colered lights at all and no flashing lights. sighting lasted about three minutes.

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