Enormous UFO skidding off the surface of the Sun

Incredible unknown object caught skidding off the surface of the Sun. This object is immense, around the size of Jupiter.

Does this older footage, (see video below) from NASA confirm the possible existence of giant extraterrestrials who pilot gigantic spaceships in our solar system? .

Another interesting anomaly caught near the Sun, which appears to show a large ring shaped UFO, firing a powerful beam of light into the suns corona.

Two questions remain and need to be answered. Was the object attacking the sun, or was it refueling, drawing plasma from the corona to power its massive engines. See video here.

The following object, similar to the other “Archon-like” anomalies appears to phase in or materialize next to the Suns corona, and then we see a very violent reaction taking place within the Sun itself.

I believe this craft is actually drawing electrical power. Because of the Sun’s positive charge, it acts as the anode in a plasma discharge, so it makes sense that these enormous extraterrestrial ships require immense power sources for fuel, what’s more abundant and powerful than stars? See video here.

Video below: Truly compelling footage of the Jupiter sized UFO or whatever this bizarre anomaly may actually be.


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