UFO Sighting in Basingstoke, England on 1972-07-01 00:00:00 – A black semi circle with to cut outs at the bottom hovered fro 20 minutes, it dropped a box or canister then vanished into thin air

It was summer 1972 i was 10 years old and 2 friends went for a walk to one of our regular play areas know as the hills.Which is a natural boarder between 2 housing estates.
upon climbing the second hill i noticed large black object in the sky a dome shape with 2 cut outs at the bottom. it hovered over the housing estate then it dropped a large box or cylinder shaped object.
i desided that 2 of us should run home and get a camera and/or a pair of binoculars but 1 of us should stay to keep an eye on it.
when we returned the object had gone. i was frantically bombarding my friend with questions. what happened to it? where did it go?
but he had a look of disbelief, like a rabbit caught in the head lights.
he said ” it just disappeared”. but where to i asked. “it just vanished,one minute it was there and then it wasn’t” was his reply.
none of us was ever the same after that.
the friend that ran home with me became a lesbian still acknowledges the sighting
the friend that remained grew up as a normal hetrosexual man but denied the event ever took place.
and i had a sex change and became a woman. this had stayed with me for 45 years.
the 2 of us that ran home. neither of us recall ever running home or returning. i feel that it’s possible that we were taken and my friend that remained on the hill was in a state of shock after seeing us being taken.

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