UFO Sighting in Bel Air, Maryland on 2017-02-17 17:58:00 – What is going on in maryland

It is becoming a daily occurrence to look up in the sky and see something i can’t explain. day by day the air activity is increasing. while i was being drawn to the now familiar hum of a military aircraft i noticed a streak in the sky. at first glance i thought it was a meteor, because of the angle and the regularity of planes now i knew it didn’t match up with their paths. on closer inspection while photographing the area, “it” still held a solid line and that exact angle so much i did not think it was any kind of smoke or gases. my best guess would be something was causing the sun and clouds to reflect off of itself. i’ve seen plenty of triangular craft throughout the years in the area and i believe this could have been connected. i recently watched a video on another site where a person living about 45 min from where i witnessed this posted a video of it. i have included some pictures one of which i edited to bring out the sharpness off lines.

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