UFO Sighting in Loweraustria/ 25 min from, on 2017-01-04 22:00:00 – I’m on way with car at abandoned area then i saw 3 light objects at sky + floated very slowly & unnatural

Hello estimated employees of mufon.
first, i want to apologize for my not so good american english !!😦

beginning january this year ( 2017 ) – i was on the way to home with my car.
with me, in my car, was my friend franz & gernot. during the drive, we spoke almost nothing. it was about 10:30 pm at the evening and completely dark !
then we drove a path that was very deserted and also secluded.
without i having thought something, i looked up into the dark sky,all of a sudden i saw 3 very bright light objects that floated very slowly, turned in a kind of circle pattern and remained standing in the air !!
totally impressed by the objects, we left the car and i tried with my phone to film these objects .
except for the chirping of insects in the nearby forest and far-away cars, it was deathly silence !!! so the 3 light objects made absolutely no noise !!
unfortunately i could this 3 pulsating light objects film very short, because i had little space on my phone. and my friend franz unfortunately has an older phone without a camera also gernots phone.
i was filming these 3 objects about 40. seconds. after this 40 seconds filming, we watching these 3 objects about 3-4 minutes,before this objects then just disappeared. like turn off a light.
actually, i’m skeptical about these things before, but after this scary event, i’m much more open to alien things/ufos/extraterrestrials and so on ….
i hope that they perhaps can find out what it is/was.

with kind regards
manuel c.

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