Black Triangle Sighting in LOURDES, Newfoundland and Lab on 1991-12-31 00:00:00 – Saw the sun like object split into three balls and form the shape of a triangle

Filled out report from an email at mufon headquarters by field investigator l. flechtner 18809. stu bundy may contact for more info.
hi i really wanted to share my story. i live in st. john’s newfoundland canada.
my story goes back to 92 or 93, can’t give a definite year, but at the time i was living in lourdes newfoundland on the port aux port peninsula. i was actually out in my grandparents driveway waiting for my bus, across the road we had a field which lead down a hill with some marshland to a small cliff overlooking the ocean.
it was kinda cloudy that morning, i was looking in the direction of the bus which was to the left, and happened to catch the sun peeping through the clouds. i didn’t give it much thought till it split into three balls and formed the shape of a triangle, it kept the triangle shape while spinning in a circle slowly. i didn’t pay much mind to it, and actually never really told anyone till tonight..I would really appreciate it if someone wrote me back and maybe correct me if it was a normal phenomenon.
thank you for your time.

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