Black Triangle Sighting in Pine Mountain Club, California on 1998-05-31 00:00:00 – While looking for satellites in the night sky (10 pm), i noticed what i thought was a satellite but it was moving way to slow.

We were standing on my daughter’s front porch looking for satellites at about 10 pm. i noticed a satellite that was moving along at a rather slow pace. for some reason i brought my sight down a few feet and noticed two more slow moving satellites behind the first one. about 25 miles behind the first to be exact and the space between the front satellite and what i had first thought was two rear satellites did not show any stars which made it solid! i told my family members to look at that big ufo flying towards burbank!! they looked up and the craft started moving faster and faster and was gone in just seconds but we all saw it. i told them not to tell me what they saw but for us all to go into the house and draw what we had each see but not to show each other until we were all finished drawing. we had all drawn the same thing. my husband who is a chp officer estimates it was about 20 miles wide and 25 miles long. it was moving to fast to estimate how fast it traveled at the end of its flight and disappearance.

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