UFO Sighting in Crescent City, Florida on 2017-02-21 00:00:00 – Venus like object in western sky observed each night for weeks. ascends out of atmosphere

My wife, 13 year old son, and i observed a star like object in the western sky each night for about 3 weeks. on the evening of february 20,2017 i noticed it vanished at around 10:00 pm. on the evening of the 21st i observed it again in the same location at dusk in the western sky. i decided to just sit and watch it. it stayed in the same position for about 2 hours. sometimes appearing brighter, sometimes appearing to bob back and forth slightly. after about two hours the light appeared d to move away from my view. i moved to get a better look and the object was actually really no, or ascending. i watched it ascend over several minutes and the last guy dimmed and then turned to a red speck before vanishing in space. it did not travel on a flight patch west, east, north or south… it ascended up. i took two videos on my ipad last night. one that is about 7 minutes late long that shows its brightness in a stationary position, and one that shows it appearing to ascend. the ipad loses focus as the object ascends and can’t capture the bright white light turning into a small red speck before vanishing. i tried to upload both videos twice to this report since last night and they won’t upload. i have them and will try to upload them individually later, but i wanted you to get my report. i will look tonight to see if the object is there again, which based on the past few weeks i would assume it will be.

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