UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on 2017-02-22 20:15:00 – Was driving, saw it at a stop light. was a straight line at first glance, double took and it was a triangle, moved quickly but stop for a second each direction (triangle flight pattern) light turned green i lost sight of it as i drove away.

I was driving along the back roads between eight and 830 on wednesday the 22nd 2017. i live in lancaster county. was at a stoplight when something caught my eye i glanced over and noticed a line of bright lights. didn’t think much of it looked away. i double took however and when i looked back they where in a triangle formation. i went through everything in my head it was not a plane there were no blinking lights, plus it was too low to the field to be a plane. i thought it might be a drone, but with it being so low it would’ve been a very very big drone. nothing was blinking or illuminating off of it, there were no beans or anything like that. after i saw it it moved again not lightning fast but quickly to a third point in the field and hovered again for a few seconds. at this point i realize the light had turned green, and i begin to drive away. but interested in trying to figure out what i saw i looked back and slowed down and i found nothing there, nothing in the sky, there was nothing up higher, there’s nothing in the field it was gone. there was one very bright light at the top and three maybe four dimmer lights coming out of it in a triangle formation.

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