UFO Sighting in Brooksville, Florida on 2006-02-28 00:00:00 – Thought it was the moon

My stepmom who was in her seventies and myself were walking the dog. out in the southeastern sky, i noticed the moon. but after a second or two, i realized it was smaller than a full moon and lower in the sky. i said what the heck, and my mom said you see that too? as soon as she said that, the object moved to the north faster than anything we have ever seen. then there was a flash and it was gone. today while watching a hanger 1 show while cleaning, i heard the announcer say a group of ladies in a van and the thing chasing them was orb like. it reminded me of this. i just wanted someone to know about this. we both were shaking by the time we got home from that walk. it was the most amazing and unusual thing i have ever seen.

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