UFO Sighting in Smithfield, Rhode Island on 1992-07-20 00:00:00 – Fishing at night with friend.Wierd light came down behind house.Ended with glowing entities at shoreline and getting chased by a flashlight.

Friend and i fishing an evening friendly bass tournament.3pm-9pm smith and sales reservoir. the fishing picked up as tournament ended. so i convinced my friend to go back out for night bite.Somewhere around 11pm.We were fishing at the end of a penninsula facing the shore with a dark empty house on the land. it was very quit but i thought a helicopter was coming down in the cove behind the house where we couldnt see.But no noise. i gestered to my friend but when the lights dimmed we excused it as a vehicles lights musr have come down the road and backed away.(but we never seen a vehicle) we continued fishing towards the shore in plain view of the house when i noticed what looked like children playing with flaslights moving them frantically in one of the rooms of the house through the windows. my fishing partner and i decided people must have come home to the house (even though we never seen a car or peple) and the power must be turned off in the house. we continued fishing and almost immediately although we never seen or heard anyone, there was an abnormally(7ft) tall human shaped figure witd asmaller child size human shaped figure with the larger one looking like it was holding a flashlight looking for frogs and such at the waters edge. the odd thing was the way they were illuminating, almost like glow in the dark? but we dismissed that as the flashlight reflecting off the water back at them strangely.Just then we notised about 15 to 20 glowing shaped figures all on the shore facing us all different sizes and we got freeked out because there was never any noise this whole time and we were close enough to have heard people walking in the brush near shore.Just as we were getting scared and contimplating leaving, the flashlight the first big human figure was holding shined ddirect towards our boat. my partner said to start the motor and”lets get out of here!”as i was starting to set the choke and pull the cord of the small 5hp outboard motor the flashlight levitated across aboit 30-40yards of water as i was keeping half an eye on it and starting the motor! when it turbed over and i put it in gear, i looked up and the light was about 8feet above our small boat! i never looked back and it was a short 3 minute ride back to the boat ramp. where we hurried throwing the boat in the van and got inside the van in shock. all the dogs on the lake were barking loudly( we never heard a dog before this) my friend made me promise not to tell anyone.And i haven’t…Till now

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