UFO Landing in Bellefontaine, Ohio on 1977-10-31 00:00:00 – Very common to see ufo in the late 70’s / 80’s while night hunting / fishing

First experience: age 19
after milking cows, about 6 pm i got my coon hunting dog and went to go hunting. as i entered the field beside our barn, i heard and then seen a small glowing object the size of a baseball or softball zig zagging the length of our field. the object came towards me as i watched at the edge of the barn. i decided to shoot at it with my 22 rifle and it instantly shot to the top of our property and hovered above a tree where i took a few more shots at it. i then walked into the house and told my mom and dad who were watching the tv and told them and my dad said he had been seeing these types of things while hunting and told me they would not hurt me and to ignore them—which i thought was a bit weird but went back hunting anyway.

i ended up out quite late, maybe 1 am and when i came back towards our property i noticed 3 huge cigar shaped ships hovering above our woods and all 3 had extremely powerful search lights that were searching through the woods where i was hunting. the 3 ships made no noise and just hovering maybe 500+ feet in the sky in a row, 1 ship behind the other ship.

this scared me because it was very apparent they were hunting for something in the woods. so i got ahold of my dog and went down hill to our creek and got in the creek and followed it home. the creek had small trees on both sides and i walked it with my light off and the ships were still searching the woods when i went to bed.

for a few years to come, i would see these glowing / humming zig zagging probes in the woods/fields while hunting or late night cat fishing, but normally far away, as though they were checking out anything that made a noise or was using a light.

then, my best story:

a few years later when living on my own about 5 miles from where my parents had moved to after selling the dairy farm, i was once again driving to go hunting at my parents farm and about 2 miles from my parents house, i noticed about 300 yards out in a brush area that i knew very / very well, there set a flying saucer on the ground. i stopped and set along the road looking at it and took my gun and watched it through my scope. the ship was your typical flying saucer looking thing with 3 huge silver cylinders holding it up–maybe 4-5 feet in diameter and the ship being round was maybe 30 feet across, but the wildest thing was this: propped up beside the saucer was this 8-9 foot tall silver robot with long arms. i looked and looked at this robot over and over through my rifle scope and it appeared to be “fake” in that it never moved and appeared to be “guarding” the space craft.

i drove 1/2 mile down the road and turned on the next road thinking i could see the saucer better and when i looked, there was no light, no sign of it. so i returned to the same spot again and got out and set at the fence row and watched the saucer and hoping someone would stop by, but there was no traffic. i eventually went to my parents house and my dad had already went hunting and i told my mom and decided to just hunt at there house. sure enough the raccoons were not out and when there are no coons to hunt, my dog would often run a mink and a mink will run for miles and sure enough, my dog went right to the area where the flying saucer was setting and i had to walk there about 1 am in the morning chasing my dog and i never went close enough to the flying saucer to see it, but about 1/4 mile from the flying saucer i was calling and calling for my dog to stop running the mink and i was in high weeds and brush and i heard that familiar “hum” of the flying orbs i had seen in the past, only this time, when i turned to see it, it was directly behind my head and i could have easily knocked it out of the air with my gun, but instead i panicked and fell to the ground and held still and then the orb just slowly zig zagged away. i went on to get my dog and go home.

many years later, a friend of mind that i had told all the stories to, showed me a book he had read that on the front page, was the “exact” flying saucer and exact robot. he said the book explained that it was the air force doing all this and that the robot was a hollow fake robot that they propped up against their flying saucer to scare away people like me……………….So i concluded i had never seen a true space ship and that this was all the air force from wright patterson which is about 50 miles from me. then years later a friend that i worked with explained he had grown up living at air force based with his dad and his only fun as a kid was watching the ufo flying in and out of the bases late at night. i also seen on the nasa channel late one night that they exposed their ufo hangers and had flying saucers small to large, but they were all saucer shape and i have never ever seen a picture of these gigantic cigar shaped craft, but assume they are all air force owned.

my last experience was about 10 years ago when i was documenting chem trail jets with my video camera. i made a 2 hour video i called my sky that i narrate how the air force since 1949 has been spraying the earth with chemicals in order to depopulate the planet. i then made a book with many pictures and public info explaining how they have sprayed since 1949 and by 1992 added titanium dioxides to the mixture in an effort to make sure all children born after 1992 will die of thyroid type diseases by age 40. long story short, i was video taping about 3 miles south of bellefontaine, oh at my parents house after work, about 3:30 in the afternoon and following the chem trail jet spraying just north of bellefontaine, perhaps 5-7 miles to the north of my location and i was zoomed in tight on the jet and sure enough, a ufo took off from the land and shot straight up at a slight angle and almost collided with the chem trail jet…..This ufo was extremely super fast, fast as a rocket or faster actually when you consider it took off at full speed from the ground. when the ufo seen it was going to hit the chem trail jet——-it instantly stopped in the air and then, backed up maybe 100 feet or so, then took off again and maybe in 2-300 feet, it turned invisible and was gone. the chem trail jet was going west and the ufo was going east and if they had hit each other, it would have been a huge disaster.

i can’t imagine the air force having a craft that can so super speed from the ground, then able to stop and then back up—but they do! the only place other than a field the ufo could have taken off from was the old bellefontaine airfield that was closed since they built a larger one for honda on the west side of bellefontaine, otherwise this thing took off from a field at a super rate of speed, it was as high as the chem trail jet in 1 second.

my wife’s aunt’s daughter is a bean counter for wright patterson air force base; she turned into a real b—h after getting the over paid job right out of college and never had much to do with us ever since, but when i seen her and told her i had one of her ufo on video, she instantly came up and wanted to look and then wanted to take my tape and say she would show it to her bosses and i said no and i don’t think she has ever been at our house ever since then.

the orb coming to back of my head was the only thing that i figured if i had knocked it out of the air and took it, that the owners probably would have hunted me down that night and took it back. i wished for years that my dad had been home and that he and i or anyone would have walked over and took a close look at the flying saucer, but as luck had it, i was the only person that watched it. i have never liked the idea that the air force had been playing in the woods in central ohio scaring people who hunt and fish at night.

i believe the larger subject is the fact the navy/airfoce jets have been spraying us all with chemicals in an effort to depopulate the planet. these types will tell you that while in west point they were trained to believe that all humans need to die, including their own children and not live so long for the good of the world. many want to think chem trailing is a recent problem, but the facts are they have sprayed us since 1949 and their first germ warfare experiment in world war 1 they called swine flue was their first real massive kill off of humans by design. i put together a book i call book 2 on the subject of chem trailing and depopulating some years ago and also believe 100% a book written by a man that explained germ warfare starting with world war 1 to date, because one of our customers years ago was a osu tissue tester and when i asked her if she test all dead humans for bubonic plague and anthrax, she said yes and it scared her to death that i knew about it, because the author use to do the same work and explained why the sand wars started and what the bird flue really was. making germ and chemical warfare the most important subject on earth for longevity or the lack of it.

with everything i have read and learned from old medical books, i have concluded our true enemy is medical and military since 1915 and they are depopulating the planet using chemicals on us all. dr. howard hay, m.D. was their best surgeon/doctor in north american history and when he proved the cure for all disease using orange juice and corrective diet, it scared harvard/yale so badly that they all joined the military to poison the human population and every good doctor since 1930’s have warned to stay far way from medical. vaccine history proves they set out to mix animal with humans to make a slave like society along with the facts that world war 1 and 2 set out to murder all strong men on earth and create the society we have today where men don’t even know if they are men.

if there are actual aliens on earth, i have never once read an old medical book or biblical / free mason type book that stated it. i did read from 1 source that the rosswell problem was that the gov had used black people during their nuclear experiments and they had experimented and radiation burned them badly and that is what the locals seen and believed were aliens. i assume there are endless stories so no one ever knows the truth.

as long as the air force sprays us and the gov has commercial foods and our water deliberately poisoned, i doubt anything else matters until that problem is solved.

otherwise we knew 1 old man that he explained while he was in the army in 1950, they selected him to have what he called red clarence. he said for his part, the army showed him the history and powers of magnetism. he said they took him to france and showed him an ancient air port where they lifted a hovering object into the air and it disappeared. they then took him to australia to another air port and showed him the save object hovering on the ground. they then took him to a building and showed him a full size train floating on the tracks. the they showed him a huge map of space with hundreds of named planets and our earth was in the lower right hand corner and the army explained to him that people between these planets all travel using magnetism.

he explained that what he seen in 1950 was more than people could handle and that he believed we had more than the movies like star wars show.

this man was given the columbus, ohio water works after he left the army.

i also had an uncle who flew in world war 2 that was given the florida road systems.

it appears those that prove them selves in the military are “given” state/federal easy $$$ job in exchange for keeping their mouths shut—but when they are elderly and don’t care anymore, they will tell their stories.

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