UFO Sighting in Westlake, Louisiana on 2017-02-23 04:30:00 – Strange bubbles found in yard.

Went outside home to get newspaper at 0430 to pick up newspaper. found very heavy fog upon stepping outside. as i walked down sidewalk, i noticed what i first thought was a clear plastic bag covered with water droplets laying on the ground about six feet from my home. after picking up my paper, i used the plastic sleeve from the newspaper as a glove and attempted to pick up the “plastic bag”. however, upon closer observation; the “plastic bag” was actually found to be a mass of clear soap like bubbles about the size of a football. i attempted to pickup the bubbles to examine them, but was not able to separate any bubbles intact even though the bubbles felt far more durable than soap bubbles. my improvised glove did appear wet from the bubbles, but upon smelling it to see if it smelled like soap bubbles; i found no smell from the bubbles. i left the strange bubbles in my yard checking them hourly, and found that they remain in my yard for 4 hours before disapatting. about 2 hours after smelling the bubbles, i experienced severe chest pain and had to lay down for an hour before the pain subsided. i do not believe the bubbles drifted into my yard as there was no wind during the night and the bubbles felt too dense to float. i suspect that they dropped down from the sky somehow,as i do not suspect anyone dropping them in my yard during the night between 2230 and 0430 that morning. not claiming the bubbles were ufo related. however i find them very odd in characteristics and circumstances. i only file this report as i have had a couple dozen ufo sightings at this location in the last 9 years. however, my last sighting was 5 years ago.

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