Alien Cube and Portal materialize next to the Sun

I have noticed quite a few of these types of anomalies next to the sun while browsing the Helioviewer data and it isn’t the first time photographic evidence for such kind of objects was provided but none that appear so defined or next to a possible portal. The six frames clearly show two anomalies that […]

Mardi Gras at the Leprosarium

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Tomorrow is the final and momentous hurrah of the Carnival season, which culminates with Mardi Gras, otherwise known as Fat Tuesday. In New Orleans, the city I call home, Carnival is a season of festivities, decadence, and tradition, one that is celebrated amongst neighbours and visitors alike. Our revelry is an egalitarian […]

You Look Like a/an (Insert Your Name Here)

Who are you more likely to find striking a sexy pose on the cover of a magazine: Gus or Tanner? Sophia or Bertha? It’s a silly question given all we’re working with is names, but names are powerful social tags that influence how people interact with and perceive each other—for good or for bad. A name […]

Brain Activity Can Predict If an Article Will Go Viral

Chased fanatically but realized rarely, a truly viral story seems to happen purely by chance — a fortuitous alignment of trending topic, clever headline, compelling copy and maybe a witty GIF. Now, a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania has built a model for “virality” by identifying neural mechanisms at work when people decide […]

Lighter, Faster, Cheaper: Broadening Access to the Deep Sea

Most countries on Earth have no way to access vast portions of their sovereign territory. In a time when you can read street signs half a world a way on Google Earth, this fact may seem surprising, but these unreachable territories all have one thing in common: they’re underwater, hidden beneath the waves. As dictated […]

Fascinating NASA map shows Antarctica Ice-Free: Evidence of Human occupation?

This fascinating map provided by NASA shows Antarctica as it looked like in the distant past, free of Ice. We need to start looking at Antarctica from a different perspective since the now icy-continent could have been home to a number of ancient cultures. BEdMap2 offers a never before seen view of Antarctica. Image Credit […]

Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica as Special Ops And Military Moving In

An anonymous wrote: I’m a civilian contractor for a defense industry company you’ve probably heard of. We sell advanced hardware and electronic gear mainly to the US Army and Marines. I was enjoying a few brews this Saturday when I got called in for an emergency. I didn’t think much of it until I got […]

New Development into UFO Hunter Max Spiers’ Death

      The science fiction writer girlfriend of a British conspiracy theorist is to be quizzed about his death. Max Spiers, 39, sought to expose government cover-ups and investigated UFO sightings — after, his mum says, he saw “the darker side” as a child. By Bradley JollyCanterbury Times 2-26-17 The dad-of-two, from Canterbury, Kent, […]

UFO Sightings Have Reached An All-Time High

      Statistician and PhD candidate Sam Monfort compiled all of the data from the National UFO Reporting Centre and found that more people than ever have spotted UFO’s in the recent years. By Emily The number, which has been rising since the 1980’s, hit an all-time high in 2010 with about 45,000 […]