UFO Sighting in Maumelle, Arkansas on 2017-03-02 05:40:00 – Light observed transversing sky from horizon to horizon.

I take a morning walk from 5am until 6am i was walking in street to the west. observed jupiter at 5:40am 31 deg above horizon and 223 deg sw. looked away for approximately 10 seconds when i looked back there was another object below the planet in a more westerly direction at 259 deg. my location at the time was 35d 20′ 36n, 92d 23′ 28″w at an elevation of 280 feet. i thought “that star wasn’t there before,” as i continued to look at it i could see it was moving. i am a private pilot and see aircraft in my area from 1000 ft. to higher altitudes. this object had no navigational lights. it passed silently over my head at an unknown altitude in a clear dark moonless sky. it made no sound, did not waver in it’s luminosity which approximated the size and intensity of jupiter. it left no observable contrail and passed directly over my head. i watched it move in a straight line from it’s first observed point to 40deg above horizon east. the object never changed its luminosity. total observed time 40 seconds. at that point i continued on my walk to west. do not believe it was an aircraft with landing lights on since in going to the east i would have observed a diminishing light intensity and the fact that there were no pulsating navigational lights or any other lights. no sound either, even the daily jet aircraft at altitude can be heard on the ground and seen with red – green nav lights with flashing strobe. my directions and position are correct since i used my iphone information as i was observing the object and recorded them accurately here.

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