Black Triangle Sighting in Florida on 2010-02-07 00:00:00 – My friend yelled ufo and started laughing i was sitting on my next door neighbor’s porch i looked up and saw a triangle shape of lights sitting in the air then it started to move then came extremely close right on top of the trees

It all happened near the day of my birthday approximately the year was 2008 2009 2010 but it did happen near the day of my birthday or on the day of my birthday or on the morning after the day of my birthday 12 a.M. through 1 a.M.. a good friend my brother and i were sitting on my next door neighbor’s porch it was dark out already night time approximately 12 a.M. or 1 a.M. . my friend was sitting on the railing inside the porch when all of a sudden he yelled ufo pointed towards the sky and started laughing. i looked up briefly and saw a odd shape of lights. all three of us ran outside in the yard and looked up at it. the lights were white and weren’t connected they were separated but didn’t lose their combined shape of a triangle. i looked away to say can you believe this, what the hell is that and then took a second look. as i look the second time this triangle started coming down closer and closer.
it was moving at a very slow speed and it came down to the point where it was just above the trees right in front of us. it didn’t descend down and then move straight forward it kind of eased its way down like it was walking down a staircase with no stairs obviously, it just hovered down and floated down in an odd way. it was approximately 20 to 30 feet in the air there was no noise coming off of it and everything was an awkward quiet no crickets no nothing just these lights. i hadn’t been drinking that night but my brother and our friend was. they were screaming and yelling laughing i was looking up and just couldn’t believe it i’ve had so many weird dreams about events like this and for it to actually happen was mind-blowing. as quick as it came it left in a split second i turned to look at our friend doug and i went to look back up and it was gone but they were both still staring at the sky. also as quick as this moment came it also left the minds of my brother and our friend doug. to this day they say it was a plane and they don’t even acknowledge how low it was and that it just set still and that the shape of the object was a triangle. it wasn’t flying flat but it was standing upright in the sky it didn’t fly flat like a normal plane. i mention to them all so then where did it go and how did it disappear so quick they said “it flew off that’s what happened”.I feel i remember new stuff when i think back to that day because at first my only memories were of the object and nothing else. to this day i know what i saw i know it wasn’t a plane i know it wasn’t a helicopter it was something otherworldly.

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