UFO Sighting in Billerica, Massachusetts on 2017-03-03 01:15:00 – An orb of light that hovered then moved

I couldn’t sleep and a little after midnight i decided to re-download resident evil six in my steam account and i went to the room where our router is, which happens to have multiple windows.
now i had to wait for it so i went and sat down on the sofa and had a cup of tea and looking out the window at the sky, and through some trees i could see a solid orb of light that cycled through, blue, green, and red.
now i kept looking at it and thought it was weird but i was about to write it off as nothing however at that point it started moving in a southeast direction and eventually it moved far enough away. i tried to get a photo but my phone was out of battery because i have a hard time remembering to charge it.
i lost sight of it when it moved far enough that i couldn’t see it.
i’m kinda creeped out but also fascinated by all this.

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