UFO Sighting in Ty Ty, Georgia on 2017-02-21 00:00:00 – 6 airforce fighter jets ecorting a redish,orange sphere from north to south moveing aprox.2 to3 hun.Mph any slower and the a.F. jets whould have fell to the ground aproxoment 600 ft in altitude .

I was outside around 10:00 p.M. stargazing with my telescope in my backyard. i first heard low speed jet engines north of me i turned to see what it was. i saw a row of flashing white strobe lights with a redish orange ball or sphere in the middle comeing toward me moving real slow. as i watched the 6 fighter jets fly over,and above me aproxment 500 feet above me. 1 jet was aproxment 500 feet to the west of the redish,orange sphere another jet was aproxment 500 feet to the east of the redish orange sphere and 4 more jets were side by side following about 1000 feet behind this redish,orange sphere. what was so strange about it was how low and slow they were all flying and flew directly over the top of me. this redish,orange sphere looked to be about 30 feet in diameter.It was kinda dim with no strobe lights of any kind. after they flew over the jet on the west side of the sphere backed off and turned left and got right behind the redish,orange sphere and after that i couldn’t see them anymore because of the trees that are around 1 mile south of me. as far as i could tell they all keeped on flying stright south. now if they should have been flying south east they would have been flying towards moudy airforce bace. i don’t know of any airport that would have been stright south or me. any help on this ordeal would be more than i have now. this took place in so. ga. 60 miles north of ga.Fla. line 100 miles east of clombus ga and i00 miles west of waycross ga and 100 miles south of macon ga. or 10 miles west of tifton ga.

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