UFO Sighting in Waxahachie, Texas on 2017-03-03 22:14:00 – Blast of light

*****strange fireball*****
“the sky was dark enough to see the stars above”
friday march 3, 2017, roughly at 10:14 pm i was traveling-east on hwy 287 near midlothian/waxahachie ,tx. while driving my grandmother home, looking out the window. ‘my god!’ i said, ‘did you just see that!!’ suddenly saw what i think was a shooting star. there was a big blast of light dropped to earth from the sky quite fast, this seemed very close to earth. it lasted like 3 seconds, disappeared and then poof it was gone. “there was no streaks from sky above” i couldn’t tell how far it was from me (it was above a field southeast of my location). it looked so close and was burning so hot you could see the red and orange so bright; very colorful and truly amazing!! the flame was something like a fire ball or a comet with short tail. “orange, red, yellow and then a strange green/blue color right before burning out.” no residual trail after it had gone and silent.


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