U.S. Government UFO Documents:“Air Force / National Guard Investigation/Report of UFO Landing | UFO CHRONICLE – 1966”

(The UFO Chronicles, 15 January 2017)
The UFO Chronicles presents a 26 October 1966 Department of the Air Force document, a 25 September 1966 North Dakota Air National Guard document and photographs.

The UFO incident occurred in a fallowed field near Gwinner, North Dakota, on 13 September 1966.

The UFO Chronicles article:
“Brig Gen Homer G. Goebel, Lt Col Thomas E. Marking, Capt Edward A. Skroch and MSgt Everett E. Brust arrived at the scene of the reported sighting. At the point where the observer said the object landed, three (3) impressions were found in a summerfallowed field. The impressions were ball-shaped, 10″ in diameter and 7″ inches deep, in the form of a isosceles triangle, 26’X21’6″X21’6″.”

(wikimedia.org image)

(wikimedia.org image)

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