UFO Sighting in Elk, Washington on 2004-04-30 00:00:00 – Two black triangles. not only were silent but had the effect of silencing surrounding envionment.

I am trying to update and correct previous case # 42144. i singed up for disqus and it wouldn’t allow me to do so. i have tried to correct this many times.
for starters it wasn’t deer park. it was elk washington on bridges road. this is a sparsely populated area where people have acreage. i’m sorry i made that error as well as being unclear about numerous other points. i have always confused those two towns. it wasn’t my property. i apologize for that. i continue to wish to remain anonymous.
one female(me)and one male were walking outside and i don’t remember what we were going to do but i was preparing to smoke a cigarette. i think it was late spring. it was warm. what made me first realize that something wasn’t right was the sound of dogs barking in every direction, lots of dogs. that in itself was spooky. we both stopped and listened. then all sound was literally shut off like a light switch. it was the weirdest thing and completely surreal. everything was just wrong.
as we were standing there still, we both became aware of what appeared to be craft. i saw one immediately to my right and just above the trees. if it was any lower it would be hitting the trees. this one was pretty close. there was another one to the north and it was further away. i didn’t see that one right away so i don’t know how close it was to begin with. it was probably 150 feet or so when i saw it. i am not great at estimating distance but that should be reasonably accurate.
they were matte black and triangular. they had a bunch of lights. one thing that bothers me to this day is that i can’t quite remember what color all of the lights were. it seems there were many colors but i can only be sure about a couple colors. i think it may have had tons of different colors but i can’t verify that. something is really wrong with that in itself.
i am sitting their in absolute wrapped attention, analyzing with all my powers of observation on this thing, for a good period of time, and i can’t remember what color all of the lights were? so there was some confusion or distortion there.
i think the rest of the story was pretty clear. my feelings were that i was very excited afterwards. it was almost similar to a mild mania (not crazy but overly excited). i was just absolutely floored and amazed. there was a really high excitement level and it lasted for days, maybe longer. i still think about it frequently. my viewpoint had changed forever (never believed in these things). i can’t necessarily justify it but i don’t believe they were military (as i described in my prior report i do have some experience with military craft) and i for some reason i don’t believe they were craft either. i think they might have been things that projected an image of craft. i feel like whatever it was or truly looked like, was concealed in some fashion.
there were some strange incidents later and i was told that the other individual had seen them around since and also others had. there was a tv show talking about an incident in the area. i believe it was unsolved mysteries.
one strange incident that i believe was related, was the two of us perceiving a light while asleep. basically i became aware while sleeping that a light was shining on my face. i sat up and smacked the other individual to wake them up. i said nothing to them as i was silently observing. the light appeared to go off just as i opened my eyes. it was timed perfectly to where as my eyes opened it was gone. i never saw the room lit up. when the individual woke up due to my minor assault 🙂 they stated “was there just a light shining in our effing face?”
right there i sprang out of the bed threw shoes on and ran around the property. there was fresh snow and no trace of anything. i looked up and couldn’t see anything. i examined the tiny and highly placed window in the bedroom, which i was sleeping parallel to and under, and there is no way with the combination of the trees, window position etc. that somebody could have shined a spotlight into that window and onto my face and it was too bright to have been directed elsewhere.
i had a lot of strange dreams some of which were revealing about my situation. some were nightmares about the other individual who i was dating at the time. some of the dreams turned out to be accurate and about things i was unaware of. if this stuff was trying to involve itself in affairs via dreams it would have been isolating him from me because i was done with that situation shortly there after.
i really don’t feel that i was ever abducted personally and i have no reason to believe he was either. if somebody was it would likely have been him because the activity continued around there. i have experienced some paranormal things afterwards but it was years later and in a different state. it involved “poltergeist” activity and there were bunches of sighting of lights in the sky and things in very close proximity to my domicile during this time. these reports can be found on your page near the capital of bismarck north dakota. near the bismarck demons (wth, yes that’s their mascot) high school. none of those reports were made by myself but i had poltergeist activity and other things at the time, and even the night of reported events.
i should also add that i think it’s possible that i have received some government or other agency’s attention. i feel a tad harassed. i have repeatedly had government census, dept of commerce census and even a “government mental health survey” bothering me more than anybody else i know. on one occasion the individual behaved in a very intimidating and cop-ish/spook-ish manner. he seemed perfectly normal but with a authoritarian attitude. that isn’t the type of person you would send door to door to convince people to do voluntary surveys now is it? i politely refused to participate and he was attempting to intimidate me. he inquired about where i was moving to (my house was for sale). that was in nd and that pissed me off bad enough to motivate me to report this happening.
i think it’s all related. i don’t believe these things are friendly and i would resist any agenda they may appear to have. maybe that’s why the government, or whoever, is nervous about who they come into proximity to.
i did get a no-flash picture of a orange misty thing during poltergeist activity. it is quite interesting but i am not willing to show it to the public because it might reveal where i lived in combination with the other information i have provided.

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