UFO Sighting in Longueuil, Quebec on 2004-04-15 00:00:00 – Bright light hovering then in straight path going down right then going left then going right

hi, i did see something in the sky from my house, while it was a rainy and cloudy day and the object i saw caught my eye because it was very bright.
it was daytime and at first i told myself that it was very odd that a plane or aircraft would fly so low and after 15-20 seconds it was moving very slowly then in a blink of an eye it went in the opposite direction very quick and again in the opposite direction it was then going.

i had never seen something in my life, ever, and never saw something like it again.

i’m 31 now and this event happened about 12-13 years ago. i never talked about it nor wrote about it.
i’m writting to you today because i just stumbled on your website and i’ve never frankly beleived in ufos but i’ve met someone a few months ago that told me that she saw something that really looks like what i saw. even then i didnt told her what i’ve seen. but since then i’ve been looking more and more into this phenonmenon.

i dont know what to do with this information but you seem to be the most profesionnal people to whom i can tell what happened and what i saw on that day.

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