UFO Sighting in Cherahil, on 2016-03-09 17:30:00 – It was an object glowing in the clear sky stationary,than moved south than stopped than glowed really hard with yellow light color,than accelerated toward space and the glowing color changed to very bright white.

I was hanging out with friends in the olive woods in a very clear sky day pretty close to sunset local time.I was sitting and facing west looking to the skies,suddenly an object that was glowing in the sky like a star moved(stars do not move) west for a short distance than stopped in mid sky.It stayed stationary for about 40 second,than glowed harder to be double first size,like it was preparing to do an action or to take off,than yes it did accelerate toward space , penetrating space like a rocket and the glowing color changed to be very bright white color with no emissions .

when the object moved west so i can have a very straight and clear view it felt personel for me,it felt like it was doing it so i can see it, than accelated to space ,or probably did it looking for a portal or one of their strict regular path to penetrate space.

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