UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-01-23 00:00:00 – Large ship knocked out power to city then possible emp knock out phones small ships descended on powerline took it apart i got to close and one landed behind me aggressive behavior

It was dusk on jan 23. i was at my house in playa del rey ca. my lights dimmed down to orange accompanied by an odd sound like the powering up of a large transformer the opposite noise i expected to accompany lights dimming. the lights came back up suddenly but then went out altogether just a few seconds later. i went to my outside fusebox to check the breakers but only took two steps outside house to notice large craft directly above me maybe only 100 feet up. it was obviously responsible for power outage as i could see other houses go black underneath it as it proceeded out toward ocean. i was initially freaked out and ran to local restauran two blocks away. i didnt believe in ufos until then so i wanted a witness and i grabbed the manager i know mario, who while bitching about his customers with no power was also being physically dragged outside by me. i pointed at large ufo and said what the fuck is that? he looked very alarmed and just stared his hostess came out and she was looking like someone about to scream, which she then did, but pointed opposite the large craft.

the hillside opposite the ocean had at least seven small lights blinking in and out hovering over and under the power lines and transformers that go up that hill. they were moving quickly, i saw that there were entities emerging partially from lights. i was the only one who ran closer. i ran up to foot of hill and began filming until i could tell one saw me and it landed behind me in my alley in an agressive manner i took off back to restaurant and a hub of humaniy. that one took off back to large ship.

i went to my neighbors took a telescope and shot photos using my iphone.
i have a view of large craft without light obstruction as it was blinking i caught one moment with no light emitting.

i will attach a couple photos, look in the bright flash on the one and you will see an enitity shadow, also the shot of the large craft thru a telescope but i cannot attach the best as i do not agree with your policy re evidence turned over. i will also attach one video from the furthest away so you can see its real…Then if you want send an investigator to see the real footage.

unrelated? next few days were odd as i felt very much like someone was watching me and following me. a full week later i fell asleep at 2pm, did not wake until 8 am, i had 4 bruises on each bicep in the same pattern. very odd. nothing since and have not had the someone is following out of the corner of my eye feeling since.

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