UFO Sighting in Scarborough, Maine on 2017-02-10 07:15:00 – Did not see actual ufo, however the imprint it left is unexplainable

On the night of 2/09/2017 we had some plowable snow. my plow driver came by and did a quick clean/sweep of the approximately 160 yard dirt driveway. the next morning everything had refroze after a kind of slushy day on 2/9/2017. the reason that is important is because this helps to pin down the approximate time this impression was made. i left the house to get in the car and go to work. when i approached my car (which is not garaged), i noticed a strange, perfectly round imprint on the mostly cleared ice about five feet in front of my car lined up with the driver side. this is now 2/10/2017, 7:15 am. the circle was so perfectly symmetrical that i was astounded. this circle was about 20″ in diameter, which if multiplied by pie would yield a circumference of 62.8 inches. upon a closer look, i could see many other concentric circles withinnthe outer circumference. some of these had louvered connection lines between concentric circles. there were also some dots that were situated on the outer or next inner circle. the entire impression was created due to a perfectly symmetric heat source. it was very cold out and the last thing i wanted to do was hang around and take pictures in lieu of getting in the car and warming up. by the way i don’t have a remote car starter and the car was as cold as the ambient temperature. i took four or five cell phone pics of this impression. i refer to it as an impression because it was more than an image, it was an impression. i tried to show these pics to my wife and coworkers. they all thought i was nuts and making something out of nothing, but i defy anyone to explain the cause of this! you will have expand or view the pics under a magnifying glass to see the incredible details, again , which are symmetrical beyond belief, i cannot explain the cause and i feel it is more than likely what it is, a ufo landing. i live on the edge of a marsh and winds are usually present. there was some snow that had obscured some portions of the images i took. one of my co workers said it was simply a garbage can! wrong haven’t seen a metal garbage can since 1980, and not a hot one either. and again the symmetry. please view the images and tell me im not crazy. there is a common belief that aliens would be approximately our size, but this would point to another school of thought!

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