UFO Sighting in Hoxton Park, New South Wales on 1996-05-31 00:00:00 – I saw a disc shaped object suspended off the ground and when we approached it an outer disc started to oscillate and like a leaf in the wind it slowly and slightly rose into the sky changing direction like a ball hitting a wall. magnetic levitation?

I was driving with my mate after picking up his cousin so we could go 2 the movie’s on a busy road @ about 8pm (it was dark by the way),when we saw this red and blue light in the paddock where new houses were being built. we pulled over cause it didn’t look right. it’s old farming land making way for progress and as we got over the shitty barbed wire fence, we saw a disc shaped craft. but only just,due 2 the light from the road and the traffic silhouette off the sides,so you could see it was round. it wasn’t even on the ground, it was suspended 10mtrs off the ground, at a 45 degree angle. i was pinching myself. noo this ain’t real. but it was and as we approached (we were 30mrts away by this time) it went from 45 degree to horizontal 3 times. then a disc on the outside started to oscillate and like a leaf in the wind,saying from side to side it slowly started to rise till all we could see was the blue and red light. not a sound by the way. then in the blink of an eye a white light came on and it traveled 60+kms approx and like a ball hitting a wall came back again almost instantly. the while light would go off and the blue and red would come on. observed it doing this for 40+mins. till this day all i can put it down is magnetic levitation and that’s after talking to an astrophysicist. happened in 1996,first time i’ve shared my encounter. i’ve tried in the past but people think i’m a fcking idiot. even if it was magnetic levitation till this day 20yrs later i still haven’t seen anything remotely like it. what was it? where did it come from? what did it want? still haunts me.

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