UFO Sighting in Jackson, Michigan on 2017-03-11 05:30:00 – I thought it was a star untell it started moving i one direction then it moved all around up down side to side in circles and zig zaged same color of stars but fickered and got brighter and dimmer

I was working in my buddys garage and went out side to take a leek. i was peeing and just looken up at the sky. i was looking at what i thought was a star in the westren sky when i noticed i was actually moving slowly in one directon so then i thought it was just a plane but then it stop moving for probly about 5 or so seconds. then it started to move upward and then changed directions going south then changed directions again moving north. so i kept watching it for probly 2 more minutes after i was done taken a leak and during that time it was moving all difrent drirections up down side to side pauseing at times and kinda zig zaging. but not going very far when changing directions. so i went and got my buddy i was working in the garage with to come check it out ( cus one of our other freinds who lives maby about 2 miles away had seen the same thing a few weeks ago in the same direction in the sky and has been seeing it and other lights moving in the same way for the past 2 or 3 weeks and has shown us videos of them he has recored on his phone). my buddy i was working with in the garage stood out and watched it with me for about 5 mins and confermed that it was moving in difrent directions and pauseing for briff moments before moving again. he then retured back into the garage because it was preaty cold out about 15 degries f out. i continued to watch it for about another 10 mins or so after that untel my buddy came out and said i needed to come back in and countine to work so i did. i worked for probly another 30 to 40 mins finishing what i was working on so i went back out to see if it was still there and it was and still moving erratically. but was harder to see cus the sun was coming up. well he needed my help working so i wasiny able to watch it but for maby anthoer minute or so. i helpd him for another 20 mins or so and went back out to see if i could see it agian cus by then the sun was up so i was hoping to see it in the daylight but it had dissapered.

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