UFO Sighting in Santa Rosa, California on 2017-03-09 00:00:00 – Very bright ball of light that moved slowly across the sky that changed speed and direction and also dropped two sparkling objects before disappearing

My friends and went to the nearby high school to do some late night skateboarding. as we were skating around on a blacktop a very bright light caught my attention. at first i just thought that it was venus being magnified by the atmosphere as it was so low on the horizon and it was not obviously moving, so i did not think much of it.

i dont like to look stupid by saying, hey look a ufo and then have it not be unidentifiable so i was skeptical at first. at the same time i was actually wanting to see a ufo because my dad brought an object to my attention a couple nights before that i was confident was just venus. i am a believer and a witness to handful of other extremely convincing sightings, this will be my first reported to mufon, so my dad doing that made me eager to see a ufo again and inspired a conversation about the whole topic earlier in the night with my friends who saw the object with me, which is particularly why i think that this is interesting. back to the story-

after a minute of me continuing to skate i looked at it again and i realized it was not in the same place that it was and then it became obvious that it was moving. it had no blinking lights and was much, much brighter than a plane or helicopter, with no sound what so ever. i brought my two other friends attention to to the object as well, at this point and they were in as much astonishment as i. we continued to watch the object in awe as it slowly moved across the sky then at the point in which it seemed to bee centered in our view it slowed significantly. this happened within seconds of me asking, in my mind, for the object to do something to make it even more obvious that it was of otherworldly origin. this made be under the impression that this object was aware of me and my friends observing it. so we continued to watch it as continued its average speed continued again and then its path seemed to change from a perpendicular one to a diagonal path away from us. as the object was moving away and were still watching one of my friends was describing another ufo sighting that he had. he said something along the lines of i was watching it and it dropped… and literally immediately after he said that word dropped that object that we were currently watching dropped a twinkling light straight down from it that seemed to fall very quickly and disappeared before getting 3/4 the way to the ground. right as this happened we all reacted in astonishment and almost out of instinct from the intrigue in start walking towards it, even though it was not close at all really, just a psychological observation i guess. as we continued to watch it dropped another one of these objects shortly before it disappeared by collapsing into itself within a matter of seconds. there were no low clouds that could have covered it where it was it simply disappeared.

my friends and i were so interested after it disappeared we decided to go to where we thought it may have dropped whatever it dropped. we theorized that it went over houses and then eventually was going over annadel state park. so we decided to go on a night hike up in annadel in search of any possible evidence, unfortunately we did not find anything.

the emotional response that this sighting inspired was extremely euphoric, exciting, and interesting. i was not fearful what so ever. my friend and i both admitted to the experience being so breath taking that it brought tears to our eyes. i was honestly extremely grateful to whatever being(s) that fulfilled my wish of seeing another ufo. during and after the experience i thanked these beings thoroughly for showing themselves to me again and to my friends. i feel as though i am connected with these beings in some way because of the personal nature that my sightings seem to have. it is in my belief that my friends and i were a part of a small handful of people that also saw this object, if not the only people who witnessed this object. i am lead to believe this because it was a thursday night and it was too late at night for any people who had to work the next day to have still been awake and outside or within view of this object. i would love to know if anybody else witness this same object but i am very doubtful.

thank you for doing what you do,
will leonhardt

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