UFO Sighting in New Orleans, Louisiana on 2010-07-12 22:00:00 – Lying on a roof. two people. sober. lookiing at sky. large star-like lights. suddenly moved.

Casually looking at stars. we notice a bright one looking planet or star-like in brightness. there was a strange cluster of three or so cloe one about 10% of the visable sky away. we tried to identify the solar system or astrological sign.

suddenly the brighest on on the south side directly above us shot about 10-15 degrees toward the cluster, and stop on a dime. all four stayed still, nothing happened.

then, after about a minute or two, the main one shot like a bullet north away from the others. then, the three disbursed outwards left the purview.

i have never seen anything like it. it just made no sense at all. military projects or not, it truly was unidentified and not recognized as anything that anyone would or could explain. the speed of which was to me not anything we have ever seen. zero to zip many times sound speed, and immediate stop. then dispersal. strange.

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