UFO Sighting in Veyangoda, on 2017-03-13 19:00:00 – It was like a star in the night sky. but the whether was not good and raining. there were no stars in the sky. the obgect was like a star glowing in white and red.

I was watching the television when my cousin lives near by claims me about this paranormal light in the western sky. i ran to their house to see it and a neighbor woman was there to see it. (she was the first witness of this unexplained light) the environment was not so good and it was a rainy weather. the sky was dark as it was night and covered with rain clouds. so there were no any stars in the sky. i first thought it was a star but rainy weather and the brighter glowing of the object made me to think it as a unexplained object. this object was a star like thing and it was brighter than a ordinary star. then i went to my house and kept my mother aware of this light. (however she was not interested.) then again i went to the cousins house to see the object whether it was in the sky. it was in the sky. a few seconds after the light became low and low and the star like appearance became unable to see. then again it appeared and glowed in a pale red color. then it again disappeared. thereafter it appeared no long in the sky.

the neighbor said that she has experienced a sighting like this, three or four days before and it was moving in the sky.

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