UFO Sighting in Eungella, Queensland on 2017-03-14 06:50:00 – Cylinder sighting in north queensland

At approx. 6:50 a.M. at eungella, north queensland, i was outside smoking a cigarette with my wife while our son played near to us. he looked up at the sky, pointed and said “moon?” my wife and i looked to see what he was pointing at and we saw a white, cylindrical or rectangular object above the clouds and travelling from south to north at a fast rate. the wind was blowing in the same direction, however this object did not look like a balloon, but a solid reflective structure. i quickly ran inside the house and retrieved my wife’s tablet, turned the camera on and zoomed in on the object, managing to take three digital photos and one short video. my wife suggested the object might be a glider, but no person was seen and it did not have the shape one would expect to see. this was definitely cylindrical or rectangular in shape. it was also quite high, at least 400-500 feet or more above us, and made no sound or noise we could hear. the object appeared to be quite big, possibly 10-20 feet in length or longer, and was moving in a straight-line. we live in a sparsely populated area with thick rainforest, so this was a strange sight to see. this object was witnessed by me, my wife and son. the entire event lasted not more than 5 minutes before sighting of the object was lost over the trees.

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