UFO Sighting in Andisheh New Town, Tehran Province on 2017-03-14 00:00:00 – Constant fleet of flying glowing balls flew across sky over 3 hour period during national fireworks night

The night before the last wednesday of each iranian new year, the country celebrates with bonfires, fireworks and small lit balloons. on this day in 2016, i saw a constant stream of flying objects travel across the sky – but only during the duration of this festivity – once the fireworks etc. started, the objects came and once the fireworks etc. had finished, there were no more flying objects. this was the first time i had been in this location on this specific night in 2016. i reported the sightings of 2016 to mufon.

exactly the same night, the same thing happened this year (2017). last night everything was the same as 2016. glowing yellow balls all travelled from one direction to another and appeared to follow the same path and destination. every few minutes one would appear from as far right out of my window i could see and travel right across the sky to the left (as far as i could see).

watching with binoculars (cheap, not very strong ones) the objects could accelerate and slow down easily and could move up and down and hover and move in any direction without any difficulties. the ones that passed nearby appeared to have a light shining (like a torch light type of thing).

there were fireworks going off but from the videos, you can see the objects were not fireworks, nor were they the fire balloons which people release in iran as part of the celebrations because looking at the travel path and how the objects were moving, the height etc. it was very obvious they were craft of some description.

the fact that this fleet of flying objects chose the national holiday in iran where the sky would be lit with fireworks, balloons and people burning fires is interesting, especially as exactly the same thing happened on the same celebration night last year.

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