Black Triangle Sighting in Monroe Township, New Jersey on 2014-10-07 00:00:00 – White cloaking triangular ufo 150ft hovering soundless

I was watching tv at 12:36 am on october 7th when i had a metaphysical feeling to go outside on to the balcony. as i entered the balcony i had seen what had look like a plane downing in the fields in the southwest of my viewing direction. the object had two brilliant lights that were blinding as the object changed directions and headed directly towards my viewing angle. as the object came near it appeared to be shadowed by two brilliant white lights cloaking the object. at this point i had raised my left arm to shield off the light and the object now around 150 ft from me appeared a huge black triangular craft 45-50 yards equalaterally. the triangle had a center circular dome pertruding from the center of the triangle with a glowing green center that could have been an energy source. the bottom surface of the triangle was a smooth titanium bottom with 3 to 4 green red and blue blinking lights in a random blinking sequence. the triangular craft had a 45 degree angle rise to the top with a mesh looking side almost like bent metal with wiring. the triangle made no noise or engine admittance, as it hoovered in front of me for around a minute and a half before hoovering away at such slow speeds away over the tree line. afterwards it had a major psychological impact on me. for the next six months when i slept i had been on different planets and viewed different technologies. at times i would have to survive on these planets but drinking serums to survive and wakening and spuing a fowl taste on to my pillow. this happend at least 30 times, at times i was sent to mystical magical places of myth with exotic mix breeds of animals ad vegatation. i had some time waked and stood still and felt an intense vibration in my ear it was so intense it would sound like won won won won won won, and as soon as i would move an intense pulse of energy would be admitted to the refrigerated with an electrical booming sound. this no longer goes on with me after i moved out of monroe, however these were a real reality of amazing, enlightning, intelligent experience that also was sometimes horrific and terrorfying. i believe that at times these events could have been related to a recurring abduction. the spewing of the fowl liquid that i spewed would always happen when i woke, it seems as if i was entering a decontamintation before i woke. also relavant was the presence of a contuning taste of swallowing grass and fowl tasting serums? hope you enjoyed this experience i felt like this should be shared with others?

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