UFO Sighting in Vero Beach, Florida on 2017-03-19 18:54:00 – Strange lights in the sky

I was shooting still photography at a carnival, west of vero beach fl, a few miles west from the atlantic ocean.

i captured 2 images that show unusual lights behind the foreground carnival equipment which was the actual target i was aiming at.

the lights do not appear to be a camera related issue, such as dirt, reflection, lens or sensor aberration.

the camera used is a sony a6000.

a close inspection of the photo that shows “rockstar” on the carnival ride shows the lights in a different position than they do in the subsequent photo, where the ride’s position has changed and you can see the lights just beneath the “left arm” of the ride, not far from the center support structure.

in the “rockstar” photo, lower right, just to the left of the ferris wheel you can clearly see a helicopter, which was providing 5 minute rides for $20 around the carnival.

two of the supplied photos are close crops from the originals so you can see the area of the photo without having to pull up the entire original.

another screenshot shows the date and time exif information.

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