UFO Sighting in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York on 2015-05-31 00:00:00 – Light came along side of mt.At treetops entered my yard and descended as to land thought it was a helicopter then observed me and as i reached for cell phone camera it shot straight up at incredible speed until i could no longer see it

Sitting on deck of house under construction having a beer and looking at sky
i saw the light coming across the treetops
helicopter it came in smoothly over trees and descended as if to land, i was angry because i thought some idiot was landing a helicopter in my backyard!
jumped up and came around the deck to the side where it was coming down. i stayed there observing because i didn’t want to approach it while it was landing. i couldn’t see what it was because of the light, i assumed it was a searchlight on the front of a helicopter. extremely bright and unusual as it was like the color of light from a full moon. i assumed it was a military helicopter with high tech lighting, west point military academy and stewart airport are nearby. i am in between these two and often see helicopters flying over.
the light was extremely bright and i couldn’t see behind it as it was pointed straight at me.
as i waited to ball the pilot out i realized it wasn’t making any noise, and it just seemed to be looking back at me.
then i realized i had my phone in my side pocket. i began to reach for it and the object shot straight up like it thought i was reaching for a gun or something.
the speed was incredibly fast and in moments it was so high it looked like a star and kept going until it disappeared before my eyes. i knew it was a ufo at that moment and not a helicopter. and knew no one would believe me. incredible.I never heard a sound from it and it was within 40′ of me before it took off. no wind or air displacement was noticeable either.
the two trees it passed seem to have been affected as they are visibly damaged.The weeds grew extremely high ( 6′)where the object hovered.
i can’t say i know what it was as the light was so bright, i thought helicopter size but the light could have been the whole thing.
this really happened.
900′ elevation on storm king mountain new side

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