UFO Sighting in Northford, Connecticut on 2017-03-19 01:20:00 – Saw a single glowing reddish lighttraveling from 130′ toward the nw very slowly. two more lights appeared, but were not close enough to be one object.

At 12.20 am sat 3/18/17 i went out to get firewood. i observed a glowing red light toward the se. it was either moving very slowly toward me or hovering. i watched for a couple of minutes, and as it is in the same direction as tweed new haven airport, i see low flying planes, and as sikorsky is near , helicopters often. i ran in to get my cell and videoed this light. the distance to this light had to be over 10? miles. another reddish glowing light appeared, then another. they didnt seem to be close enough to be from one object. no noise. no news reports. these lights were pretty bright , thank god i got video, as poor quality as it is.

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