Alien Encounter in Castle Douglas , on 2017-03-20 00:00:00 – I was asleep and i heard a loud noise and bright light shined through my window

I woke up and heard a loud noise and bright light shone through my window, a large space craft was landing on my lawn, must have been 300ft large, i ran down stairs and went outside, the crafts ramp was lowering and beings were walking towards me must have been 9ft-10ft, blonde hair, blue eyes. a very attractive woman walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek and called me shiva. i was dazzled because i’m a visionary and psychic, and had experience with shiva in the akashic records. she then grabbed my hand and took me into the ship, there was 50+ plus beings staring at me and bowing to me as i walked past them. the woman left and a tall handsome man, started speaking in a tounge i didn’t understand, another woman called zaracasha came up and could speak english. she told me that i’m the leader of the pladians or words to that effect. and i was sent here on a mission with other generals and officers to save this planet. she said they had cameras following me everywhere and they’re using technology that can make aliens incarnate on earth to a location they select. she then said all our forces are located in the south west of scotland. she then said your mission was to infiltrate the earth commander of the asuras and reptilians. i danced with the queen of england 2011 during royal guard balmoral. i have photographic evidence to back this up. the space ship was now taking off with me inside, they took me to a chamber with a oxygen mask. they all left, and i was sitting by my own for a hour or so, there was no windows on the craft. then a tall greenish being came in and gave me what looked like a pancake. i eat it and it’s the most wonderful thing i’ve ever encountered. the woman came back in again and unclipped the mask so i could walk about. she said we’ve arrived at our base on the moon, i heard a crash and we landed, we started walking towards the exit, the space craft was bright white with red lights all over the place, it was oval shaped. a man then came over and put a black blanket over me and called me shiva. we then walked out of the ship and there was a massive building 100ft in height, with bright yellow lights shining from it, with lots of fleets of ships and craft, there was hundreds of beings walking about, all different races, we then went into a small circular building and there was a round table with 13 seats and ten members sitting. a older man, brown skin, dark eyes, claws and a round face greeted me with a firm handshake and said “welcome to the galactic federations hq for earth. you are no3 in command and please take your seat my name is yakal and i’m from the orion empire, we have so little time to speak so please take a seat” i asked why i’m here and a blue being said ” your a fool, you’ve been on earth a hundred thousand years and you still haven’t gained control” “silence mallav” said a tall white man with a beard he was the oldest of them all and was sitting on a gold chair in the centre directly across from me. “i’m brahman your brother, i’m so glad you came, your mission is complete you successfully touched the queen of the reptilians and your divine touch can cure evil, it’s only a matter of time until it spreads,” i was starting to feel fainty because of the mask. he told me that on the 23rd of july 2023 @ 23hr hours they will take me to my home planet sirius b. he then said that all the pyramids were built to align with the dog/god star sirius. on the 23rd of july that’s when a light would shine through the shaft in the queens chamber and initiate people to become gods. he then said the gods will return to earth in a thousand years. he then told me my past lives were aleister crowley and robert the bruce which is ironic when i danced with the queen. a small man 3ft tall walked over with a needle and jagged me on the arm. next thing i know i walke up on my lawn with a blanket over me, it was approx 3 hrs later.

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