UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2017-03-21 18:16:00 – Unknown object observed near sun disappears after photographed. the object is reflecting sun light.

I was standing outside by back yard and decided to take a few pictures of the sun setting. i took about 10 pictures; but did not notice anything unusual in the view display before taking the photos. it was only when i went back inside and looked at each that i noticed the object at about 10:00 in one of the photos.

the photo is 181650 and i have included a shot right behind that one181940, another showing a home next door 182417 on the other side of my fence to hopefully give an estimated elevation, and two blowups/ screenshots using my phone i did this morning.

the sun is casting light directly on the object at an angle it is away from it; which rules out lens flare. the normal flare one would experience when shooting the sun (which would look like a second sun); i aimed it back into to sun.

i was using a samsung note 5 cell phone.

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