UFO Sighting in Hudson, New Hampshire on 2017-03-20 03:45:00 – Pulsating lights , hovering object , above the treeline but hovering over the parking lot.

It was early monday morning aroung 3:45am. i was heading home for lunch .
(i work the 3rd shift ) my apartment is only 5 min from where i work.
as i was arriving to my destination an object towards the left of me
caught my eye. it was hovering just over the parking lot but high above the
treeline. the object appeared to be hovering , it was pulsating very bright
white lights! it then turned into a ball of a bright white light and flew over the trees leaving a brief trail of sparkling flash behind it.
i yelled out “oh’my god!” ive had ufo sightings in the past but nothing so close as this!! this happens to be my forth ufo sighting.
i believe my sighting is called ” a close encounter of the first kind.”
today as i returned home from work , i can estimate that the object was as long
as the building that i live in. i aslo had a daytime sighting last year, this time
i was with my girlfriend. this object was way up in the sky just under the cloud at a complete standstill and appeared to be rotating. it was a very large object . the skies were crystal clear blue so the obect was very noticeable.
ufos are real and im a witness to this!!

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